From Switzerland, with studios in Barcelona, we develop concepts, write and tell brand stories. We direct, animate and offer a full production service with a healthy respect for deadlines and budgets.
What we do...
We are a full-service film production company. we pride ourselves on providing a personal service and Olivier will always communicate with you directly.

Here is a snippet of our work for one of our favourite clients, Nexthink. Amongst other things, we developed, directed, shot and edited 4 films for them to showcase their business from 4 distinct points of view.
A Documentary -
"Welcome to the hybrid workplace"
a short film in the workers' own words .
We were working on a series of testimonials for Nexthink when they asked if we were able to produce the opening film for their conference. Sure - we said. Great! They replied - You've got two weeks. We wanted to investigate the way the office had changed forever and decided on a documentary style piece with talking heads in the office, then we put those heads inside the new remote-working paradigm. Nexthink users would interpret the new hybrid workplace in their own words. We conducted interview, shot, edited and produced the film… all within those two, very short, weeks.
A NArrative Film -
"energize your workplace"
a short movie with key Brand elements.
Nexthink strive to be the architects of flow and in our second film we wanted to illustrate how they energize positive flow in the workplace. We scripted and shot this piece on location with care to illustrate every nuance of Nexthink's brand identity. Then we took care of post production and delivered to a very happy client.
An Explainer -
"Your Journey With Us"
The evolution of the software through the eyes of those who use it  
Having extensively showcased Nexthink from the end user's perspective we now turned to the experience from the point of view of the primary user, the IT professionals. This was directed and shot to showcase just how valuable Nexthink tools have been to those working directly with them over the last decade. With calm, effortless control and oversight, on an elegant interface, we put the person before the technology... literally and figuratively.
An Animation -
"Nexthink Infinity"
A conceptual piece showing the product - without showing it.
We wanted to convey the emotional response to the software by giving a sensory understanding of what Nexthink is. A visual compression of the network gifts the viewer an ability to see everything that is happening all at once. They can target various elements of the network smoothly and effortlessly. Incorporating Nexthink's "Architects of Flow" ethos with a sensation of calm and precision.
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